Luis Alejandro Nagy

Licensed Psychoanalyst, PhD, FIPA

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Licensed Psychoanalyst, PhD, FIPA

Luis Alejandro Nagy is a licensed psychoanalyst with a PhD and international certification, boasting over 25 years of clinical and educational experience. Based in Arcadia, CA, Luis has worked extensively with adolescents and adults from diverse backgrounds and cultures, addressing various concerns. Since establishing his private practice, he has offered a broad spectrum of mental health services tailored to meet individual needs, ranging from minor issues to traumatic experiences. Luis’s ideal clients seek to deepen their connections, enhance communication skills, heal emotional wounds, and rediscover life’s joy. His approach to psychoanalysis is an intensive psychotherapeutic process typically involving three to four sessions per week, where the patient lies on a couch. Through attentive listening to the patient’s free associations, fantasies, and dreams, Luis aims to uncover unconscious sources of meaning and motivation.

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